[two_third][learn_more caption=”Do I really need a website?”] Probably, but you may benefit from simply having a Facebook page or a YouTube channel. We would need to determine the best delivery method for what you have to offer. [/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”How long does it take to build a website?”] Websites can take anywhere from several days to a few months, depending on the scope of the project. The more involved the site, the longer it will take. We take great steps to insure that your site is done as efficiently as possible. In the case of logos or other graphics, the time will be much shorter. Again, it’s difficult to tell without knowing what your needs are.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”What is this going to cost me?”] Each project is different, and we would be doing you a disservice by assuming that your needs would be covered by a standard price. Be assured that our prices are better than most firms will charge you for the same job. Your cost will depend on your needs, but we generally start at $300 for a very basic website and go up from there. The most accurate way to determine your costs is to request a quote. We’ll get back to you the same day in most cases.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”Can you do updates/maintenance on my website?”] This is a normal part of our contract when requested, and is priced out according to the type of updates you require. Depending on that information, we may be able to set it up so that you could do the updates quite easily yourself via WordPress or a custom-made backend system, and keep costs down in the long run.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”Can’t my geeky nephew build a website for me?”] We are available for any and all website cleanups necessitated by the efforts of your nephew.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”I’d like to work with a local company. Where are you located?”] JavaFueled thrives in San Diego, California. Our close proximity to the beach – as well as the consistently good weather – help us get in the right frame of mind to create websites for you. Oh- and the coffee sure helps. Can’t forget the coffee. We do work for folks in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County, but even if you’re in the middle of Montana, we’re pretty sure we can help you.[/learn_more]

[testimonial company=”Trigger Direct” author=”John Riley” image=””]
Solid work, great service, and a fun firm to do business with. I wish all my vendors were like JavaFueled.